10 Best Online Paid Surveys Websites

10 Best Online Paid Surveys Websites

Online paid surveys are popular amongst youngsters and stay-at-home moms as they offer rewards, either in the form of gift cards, cash, or redeemable reward points. The value of these rewards varies as it ranges from as low as $1 to as high as $20. If a person who takes online surveys can manage to fill many in a day, then he will be able to make a decent amount at the month-end. The higher the number of surveys, there will be more chances of winning awards.

In this article, we have picked some of the best online paid surveys worthy of making money. These websites are legitimate, and you can yield high benefits by subscribing to them. Let’s start the discussion;

1. Global Test Market

This online survey site commenced in 1999, and it serves global clients by providing them with market research facilities. It rewards in the form of market points to those who fill their online surveys. These rewards may range from 25 to 40 points for each survey. There is also an option to fill sweepstake surveys.

2. Swagbucks

This online survey company is quite popular these days. They have a unique reward system to compensate those who fill their online surveys. The rewards they offer are named as SwagBucks or SB.

These are the points that a person earns by not only filling the online surveys but also on shopping online, watching videos and spending on other deals that are available on the Swagbucks site. At the month-end, one can redeem these points and can get free gift cards to shop from Amazon or Walmart and other 1500 retailers or even can get cash back through PayPal. Read Swagbucks review to earn more money.


This site offers monthly sweepstakes or rewards you with points that you can redeem in exchange for cash or merchandise from popular retailers.

4. Inbox Dollars

This online survey venture offers a lot more than rewarding surveys taken online, the same as Swagbucks. By signing in, you can explore the different options of earning money, such as reading paid mails, watching entertaining videos, playing games, filling online surveys or completing cash offers or shopping through many popular retailers and letting Inbox Dollars have access to your details. Inbox Dollars is not a scam and is worth a try for sure.

5. Opinion Outpost

When you sign up with this website, it will randomly pick you to fill a survey. The points in which Opinion Outpost rewards are known as Opinion points. There is a certain value that is assigned to each survey. You can make $1 by redeeming a set of 10 Opinion points. 

6. SpringBoard Panel

It is an American online survey site that allocates a certain amount of cash to every survey filled and completed by the subscribers. However, you cannot redeem the cash until you accumulate $50 or more in your account. You can either withdraw the cash and transfer it to your bank account or get a prepaid VISA card or even earn gift cards supported by Amazon and other famous retailers.

7. Toluna

Toluna deals with market research just like Global Test Market does. Make an account on the website and take surveys and start making points. Again, it has set a minimum limit of points which is necessary to reach for the redemption. It usually rewards gift cards in exchange for points that are supported by many famous names like GAP, Target, Sears and Redbox.

8. Branded Surveys (MintVine)

Branded Surveys not only offers surveys, but it also selects its users for test marketing of a certain new product or service. You make cash in exchange for your services, which you can withdraw anytime if you reach the limit of $10 and more in your accumulated earnings.

9. Cash Crate

Cash Crate also not only deals with online surveys, just like many other companies making this list, but it also offers its subscribers to participate in various other activities like searching through the website to find certain output or playing games online or watching videos. What makes it different from the other survey businesses? Well, Cash Crate offers to pay through a check at the end of the month, but you have to reach the minimum limit of $20 to withdraw your earnings. It does not offer gift cards or cashback on shopping just like many other programs do. 

10. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online has built its position as one of the most trusted and efficient market research firms, and it operates under the famous Nielsen Group. It works with the most reputed names of the retail industry and collects market surveys for them. Its subscribers answer the surveys for some household brands and can earn redeemable reward points supported by Amazon, ESPN, Start Bucks and iTunes and many more.