DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the best ultra-high-definition video camera drone. It delivers the safety, reliability, and a more refined flying experience and superior video quality.

You can control phantom 3 professional’s DJI Pilot iOS and Android app so you are able to view live shoot.

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With DJI Phantom 3, you can capture 4K video at up to 30 frames per second and ta12-megapixel photos that look crisper and cleaner than ever.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Specs

phantom 3 professional review specification

Dimensions: 8 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches
Weight: 2.8 lb
Number of Rotors: 4
Camera Type: Integrated with Gimbal
Video Resolution: 720p, 1080p, 4K

Megapixels: 12 MP
Media Format: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Remote Control Type: Dedicated with App
Live Video Feed: 720p
Automated Flight Features: Return-to-Home, Orbit, Waypoint, Follow

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

phantom 3 4k camera

DJI Phantom 3 Professional  Pros

  • Very stable in the air.
  • Easy to fly.
  • 20mm wide-angle lens.
  • 4K video capture.
  • Raw and JPG still capture.
  • High-quality Live View feed.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Return-to-home function.
  • Automated takeoff and landing.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Cons

  • Battery life limits flying time.
  • Wide-angle lens shows some edge distortion.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

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