The Best Money-Saving Apps

The Best Money-Saving Apps

Saving money is ad much as hard you earning money. It is essential everyone save money from their source of income so that you should install money-saving apps on your smartphones. Mobile apps are great tool and easy access option wherever you are.

Top money saving apps can help not only save your money but also you can manage and improve your finances with only a few minutes per day. Here are the best money save applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. These apps offer everything from credit card rating services, shopping coupon deals to household budget calculators and much more.


Mint is the best personal financial planning apps for iOS and Android phones. This money-saving app helps you create budgets and you can manage what you can do with your money and allocate money for savings, an emergency fund, and for other spendings.


Chime is a mobile banking app to save money automatically and manage your money from anywhere. It includes a spending account and debit card that is FDIC-insured so you can safely deposit funds, see transactions instantly and track spending on the go.


known as You Need a Budget, YNAB app is a holy trinity of personal financial apps – a budgeting tool, an investment tracker, and a bill payment service, all in one seamless package.


This automatic savings app helps you invest money for the future. Acorns rounds up your purchases on the credit and debit cards you link to the app. The difference is automatically transferred to an Acorns account. This account is part of Acorns’ investing platform. Your money savings are then invested in exchange-traded funds.


My Budget Book helps you manage your money more effectively through easy recording of your income and expenses. It is available for iOS and Android.


Digit is all about the easy, efficient scheduling of automated payments to your bank savings accounts.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money clarifies wise spending from wasteful spending. The free app does this by cancelling subscriptions you are not using or just don’t need. It also looks for ways to negotiate your bills down to a lower rate.


Qapital adds a learning component to the idea of saving money. It provides lessons on goal-setting and the value of even small amounts going toward achieving a much larger goal.


Redeem Groupon deals (as much as 50-90% off!) on everything from restaurants to retailers to hotels. You can search by location to find deals closest to you.


Lovingsocial is similar to Groupon, you can use this app to gain hand-held access to all of LivingSocial’s deals. Search for amazing discounts in your own city and get alerts on fun local events. Save on hotels, restaurants, and other places.