7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools in 2022

7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools

Are you looking for a social media management tool to manage your social media accounts? OR Is it hard for you to manage your different social media accounts all by yourself? If yes, your search ends here.

For marketing, social media platforms are used extensively as they help in generating leads and converting them into customers.

If you want to reach a wider audience, your best bet is social media platforms. And to leverage these social platforms optimally you need social media management tools.

Social media management tools help in targeting a specific set of audiences, marketing strategies, trend forecasting, and marketing campaign analytics.

In this article, we will talk about the 7 best free social media management tools that can be your extra hand.

This comprehensive article will help you in selecting the best social media management tool for you. With that said, let’s dive in.

Why is a Social Media Management Tool Important?

We are living in a digital era and everything has an online presence. As a result, social media has become an indispensable part of the digital era. On average 3 billion people use social media worldwide for different purposes.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say social media has immense potential if used properly and strategically. However, success on social media isn’t a cakewalk owning the ever-changing habits of users.

It can get overwhelming to handle social media platforms by a single person especially when you have accounts on all major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and so forth.

That’s when you need a social media management tool to handle all these social media platforms on your behalf. Regardless of whether you’re a start-up, small business, large business, or an MNC; social media platforms are a great way to create a brand presence.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter is the best place to find your ideal audience and generate sales. And as you might have many accounts on social media platforms, you need social media management tools to manage them.

If you overlook social media at today’s times, you’re losing a great opportunity especially if you’re a business owner.

Free Social Media Management Tools

Let’s go through our top 7 free social media management software one by one.

1. Later

Later is a free social media manager that schedules posts (including photos and videos, not text-based posts) on social media platforms. It’s a cost-effective tool for planning, scheduling, analyzing content for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Users can add one social media profile per platform. And a maximum of 30 posts per month for each platform is allowed. But, on Twitter, the maximum limit is 50 posts monthly.

It’s one of the best free social media tools for Instagram. It allows to schedule Instagram posts for an entire week within just 20 minutes with a drag and drop feature, visual calendar, and automated scheduling. Moreover, you can preview your scheduled posts. No wonder when it comes to Instagram, Later is one of the best marketing platforms for obvious reasons.

Later’s free plan limits users to schedule static pictures, but the paid plans allow you to add multi-photo posts, videos, and Instagram Stories. If the free plan features aren’t sufficient, you can upgrade to paid plans too.

The paid plan for INDIVIDUALS starts at $9 per month or $7.5 per month when billed annually. For BUSINESSES, the paid plans start at $19 per month or $16 per month when billed annually.

2. SocialOomph

Next is SocialOomph. It’s the best free social media scheduler. You can post to multiple social networks like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more using this tool.

It has many useful features for different social platforms. Not only users can leverage the typical features like scheduling posts and checking analytics but they also can use high-end automated features like removing old Twitter texts from their audience inboxes. Cool, right?!

SocialOomph falls under the top 5% social media management tools category, as per the statistics of Zendesk.

With the help of SocialOomph, you can schedule as well as queue your future posts. It can also be used to schedule blog posts. You just have to set time to publish the blog posts and SocialOomph will take care of everything else.

It provides both free as well as paid programs. The free plan is limited to a single user to post unlimited posts to any one of the social platforms. Moreover, there is a limit of a maximum of 3 posts per hour. 

3. HootSuite

After SocialOomph we have HootSuite. It’s a social media management and marketing tool. Hootsuite is widely popular due to its user-friendly features. And like other platforms, you can post to multiple social networks in a jiffy.

Using this tool, users can achieve their goals easily and swiftly. The visual calendar dashboard of Hootsuite makes it appealing and shows what will be posted and when clearly.

The free plan of Hootsuite has pretty much everything. From basic analytics to keep track of followers, growth, stats to managing 3 profiles in one place, scheduling up to 30 advance posts, and integrating with more than 150 free/paid applications.

For those who need more advanced features, Hootsuite offers paid plans as well. The paid PROFESSIONAL plan starts at $29 per month. And the TEAM and BUSINESS plan start at $129 per month and $599 per month respectively. Additionally, there’s a custom plan too for which enterprises need to contact the Hootsuite team.

4. Buffer

Another amazing social media management tool is Buffer. It’s a strong competitor of Hootsuite and has at par features. It allows users to manage their different social profiles effortlessly. With Buffer, you can not only do basic social media management but also use its unique features like monitoring user activity to suggest the perfect time to publish a post.

It’s an intuitive platform where users can handle their social media content in a neat, clean and organized way.

The free Buffer plan allows you to link 3 social platforms and schedule 10 posts at a time being the single user.

Buffer’s premium plans offer improved features. The paid PRO plan starts at $15 per month followed by PREMIUM and BUSINESS plans at $65 per month and $99 per month respectively.


If This Then That (IFTTT) is a tool that enables its users to unify their social media posts on different platforms. There are millions of users running another million applications every day. IFTTT as a service platform connects everything to make life easier.

In simple words, it’s a software that connects different devices, services, and applications to trigger automated responses. IFTTT strongly believes everything works better when connected.

With the help of IFTTT, users can create their unique commands to connect different applications to take pre-set actions automatically, if triggered. In addition, users can program a response to different kinds of events.

For instance, you upload a photo on Instagram, then you can also share the same photo on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. A simple process does all this with the help of IFTTT.

6. TweetDeck

The next best free social media scheduler is TweetDeck. It is an online tool to improve your Twitter usage. Twitter users can view all customizable information like tweets, messages, notifications, tags, and scheduling areas in a user-friendly format.

If you own more than one Twitter handle, TweetDeck can make your work easier. It comes in handy to manage more than one account. Moreover, it has an added feature to check which time resonates best with your audience. You just have to schedule your content accordingly and TweetDeck will make it live at the right time.

7. ContentCal

Last but not least we have ContentCal. It’s an amazing free media management software to create social media content production workflows and handle ongoing projects. To create content, your team members use the content hub to work together on social media content initiatives. It helps in bringing the team together.

Users can sign up for the free plan i.e. Hobbyist plan. The free plan allows single users to access their 4 social media accounts and 1 calendar. Also, only 10 posts are allowed monthly under the free plan.

ContentCal also provides a paid version to all those who wish to upgrade. The PRO plan starts at $17 per month when paid yearly. And the COMPANY plan starts at $59 per month or $47 per month when paid yearly. For other custom offers, users need to contact the ContentCal team.

Users can start their free trial too if they’re interested in any of the paid plans. Also, ContentCal doesn’t ask users to provide their credit card information to start the free trial. So, no strings attached!


It won’t be wrong to say, social media management tools are non-negotiable for team collaborations. A majority of companies use these tools to efficiently handle their social media platforms and unify people from sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

What’s more, social media management tools help in turning the not-so-good social profile into a magnetic marketing platform.

We’ve tried to include a wide variety of social media management tools in this article. You can pick any of the above-mentioned tools as per your needs, all are equally good. But first go for the free plan, if you like that you can upgrade it later anytime.