The Best Food Websites for Beginners

10 Best Food Websites for Beginners

Whether you are new to cooking or you want to try fresh meals cooking tips for the holiday. You can learn from online sites on how to prepare healthy and delicious meals. These food websites make that easy for anyone, especially beginners.

Nowadays, there are many people learned how to cook from the TV shows. However, if you want to learn how people prepare foods and recipes from different countries and cultures, online is the right choice because of Youtube videos and blogs available to study new cooking methods.

Here are some of the best food websites to cook delicious and healthy meals for beginners.

1. Project Foodie

Project Foodie is a very good site that showing you every single step of the cooking process. It has a huge collection of videos on its YouTube channel and website. Project Foodie also has free iOS app so you can try new meals while watching on your iPhone. Download Project Foodie for iPhone and iPad

2. The Cook’s Thesaurus

The Cook’s Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Run a search on the site for what you need to look up, whether it’s a vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, dairy product, grain, liquid, or anything else. You’ll immediately find what it is made of, how it is typically used in recipes online, and tips on how to use it.

3. Only Eats

Only Eats is a food aggregator website, which means it takes links from other popular recipe sites. The list of recipes shows a picture and a name, along with the option to save it for the future if you create an account.

food recipe sites only eats

4. Basics With Babish

Basics With Babish is a cooking show dedicated to creating a knowledge and understanding of basic cooking styles and techniques. If you’re new in the kitchen, you need to know the basic tools and techniques that are often referenced in cookbooks and recipes. To learn those, watch this playlist of YouTube videos.

5. Average Cookbook

Average Cookbook uses machine learning to cluster thousands of recipes into their averages and gives you a list of the most common variations, so you can find to find the exact recipe you want to to cook.

6. Teeny Recipes

Teeny Recipes has a simple list of the latest recipes, as well as the most popular posts on the site. You can filter by ingredients as well, or search for something you want. Playlists and channels are two more ways to browse the site.

7. Get Noodles

Noodles is a simple library of all your recipes. Add one in just a few taps, find it in seconds later – anywhere.