The Best Email Hosting Providers

The Best Email Hosting Providers

Here is a list of the best email hosting providers for small businesses. If you are looking for email hosting providers, then you have to review the features. Approximately all websites come with built-in hosting, but the best email hosting providers offer you a wide range of benefits. Here is a list of email hosting providers.

Top Email Hosting List

1. Office 365

If your employees work with Microsoft office apps, then its the best option for you for email hosting. Office 365 will grant your employees access to newer places or tools of Microsoft office. Custom domain address and data loss prevention are provided by office 365 with complete security.

You can easily archive your confidential data as office 365 offers you a secured platform. 50GB of mailbox storage is provided by office 365 on the subscription of both lowest price standalone Exchange and office 365 business premium.

2. IceWarp

It is an agency that creates email accounts for their users. If you work is to provide your clients with email accounts i.e., web development company, then IceWrap will facilitate you with tools to manage emails and address on multiple domains. On Subscription, IceWarp will provide you its suite of collaboration tools.

You will also access to IceWraps’s presentations, documents or spreadsheet editors. You can also edit webmail according to your client’s needs with their branding. Team chat, voice, and video conferencing is a plus point. IceWraps consist of Email, Calendar, file editing, instant Messaging, contacts. Their standard plan includes 50GB of mailbox storage per user. 

3. G Suite

The best option for you if you like to keep everything on the cloud. G Suite offers you a simple platform to keep your security on the cloud. 30GB of storage is given to the users at the time they buy a subscription, and through higher-tier plans, G Suite offers them Unlimited Storage. One can also get access to Google’s set of workplace communication. G suite is simple to use and has advanced features.

4. Rackspace

The best option for email hosting to fulfill the needs of the company that only need email hosting. Rackspace comes with two great options email hosting and hosted exchange. Rackspace provides you the necessary tools to manage your team’s email and office-related stuff.

The low-cost plan offers you the basic tools you need, and the premium plan provides you tools like instant messaging and coverage of data through cloud services. The hosted version of Rackspace gives you an advanced feature like push email, shared calendars, archival tools, and many more.

5. Bluehost 

A hosting designed for small business operators who don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on email accounts. The Bluehost enforces no kind of official limitation. So, members need to agree and work with in terms of service to ensure they get the full advantage of their hosting service.

The catch is that once you get started with the subscription, you will get POP3 and IMAP4 and 24/7 support. By subscription worth $2.75, you will get unlimited email accounts and unlimited mailbox storage.

6. Fasthosts Email Hosting

Their services are mostly used by big companies and always proves to be enough to handle big business. Their Standard email plan offers advanced features at meager prices. By signing up, you will get five tiny 100MB inbox and attachments with the extent of 10MB, and you will get two other mail accounts with 4GB inbox and attachments of a maximum of 15MB.

They also offer capable exchange email product that comes with 50GB mailbox capacity. Email hosting services of Fasthosts are more expensive as compare to other email hosting networks, but it stands out because of its advanced features.

Managing your emails and business isn’t an easy challenge. Email is easy and straightforward if you’re using it as an individual, but for your business purposes, you will need advanced and progressive features. This is the stage where you need email hosting services. The tools provided by this hosting email service will help you lead your business.