20 Best Download Managers for Chrome

 Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

Google Chrome Download Managers extension helps speed up downloading progress by changing Chrome settings so that boost your download speeds. Do you want to download a bunch of images, videos, PDFs, podcasts, or other files from a website? Here is a list of best downloader managers for chrome will solve this problem for you. These download managers for Google Chrome works better than default download manager. Let’s take a look.

1. Download Manager

This extension will help you manage your downloads in an easy way. This chrome download manager is very popular for downloading and after managing your downloads.Download Manager for Google Chrome

2. Chrono Download Manager

Chrono Download Manager can save your time as all the download management is done inside a browser tab. The Chrono is also your best video download helper and bulk image downloader.

3. Downloader for Instagram 

This Browser extension helps you downloading images and videos from Instagram easily and quickly.

4. Download Master 

This extension allows downloading most popular media formats like flash, all images, videos, audios, pdf, doc and any other file linked on the page you are still visiting.

5. Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

Flash video downloader is a good browser plugin that allows you to download your videos from almost any sites. You can download videos in any formats. It supports most popular sites including Facebook, blip, Metacafe, and breaks as well as a thousand videos. The download of YouTube videos to hard drive is locked because of restrictions of the Chrome Store.

 Flash Video Downloader for Chrome

6. Chrome Audio Capture

Chrome Audio Capture Chrome extension allows users to capture any audio playing on the current tab. Captures can be saved as either .mp3 or .wav files. Users will have the option to mute tabs that are currently being captured. To begin capture, click on the Chrome Audio Capture icon and use the interface or hotkeys to start and stop the capture. Once the capture is stopped, you can save and name your audio file. Multiple tabs can be captured simultaneously.

7. Video Downloader professional

With this, you can download videos from web sites or just collect them in your video list without downloading them.

8. Batch Link Downloader

If you want to download many links from a website, this one is best for you. You can download a bunch of PDFs, podcasts, or other files from a website.

9. GetThemAll

Download all the images on a webpage.You can use this extension to download all the images on a webpage. You can specify the folder you want these images to save to.

10. Social Video Downloader

Social Video Downloader helps you download videos from Facebook. Download buttons will appear under videos.

11. Download with Free Download Manager

This extension offers integration with Free Download Manager (FDM).

12. Fruumo Download Manager 

Fruumo Download Manager is the first real download manager for Google Chrome.

13. Download Plus

Download Plus is a fast, convenient, and efficient tool for downloading video, audio, images, etc.

Download Plus Downloader Manager for Chrome

14. Download Master – Free Download Manager

You can choose specific set of files or use the filters to choose all files of the same type in a single click. “Download Master” helps you to download them all in one click and easily manage the files in browser’s Downloads tab.

15. Download All

DownloadAll is another good chrome download manager extension. You can easily download your desired thing from all over the internet.

16. Audio Downloader Prime

Audio Downloader Prime extension helps you quickly download popular Audio formats right from your browser’s toolbar (via a toolbar-popup UI).

17. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager aims to provide a reliable file fetching (downloading) even on low bandwidth internet connections such as 3G or 4G networks.

18. Download in IDM

If you are using the most popular Internet Download Manager (IDM). You need to install IDM extension manually from IDM installation folder.

19. Free Download Manager

FDM is a fast and reliable download manager and accelerator that improves your experience with downloads and helps you organize them in an easy manner.

20. VLC Video Downloader

VLC Video Downloader easily save any video file to PC or playlist and take it with yourself across the Web.